Being Black is Awesome

Being black is amazing 

Hair waving, body banging, and never aging.

Everybody wants to be you, until it's time to be you

Who knew?  

That regardless of lip injections, constant spray tannin', or them striving for perfection 

It's all in an effort to be like beautiful you

Something they will never be able to do.

When you're out in the world growing stronger due to fighting for your life everyday

None of them stop and think of the price you have to pay.

They just want the big butt, nice skin, you know? That melanin.

But we are far more than our physical features 

We have heart.

From the moment we are released from our mothers womb we are taught,

that "Blood is thicker than water"

and that "God moves in mysterious ways"

and that is the way that we were raised.

To appreciate our families and to always trust in the one on high

And as days go by, I regret nothing of what i've had to go through because I am black.

Yes, I know that we are under attack

And I know that we must always watch out backs

But, black people? We are like a wolf pack

You can try and hurt us, and think that you've defeated us, but we ALWAYS come back.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country



I love it and it's also very encouraging! :)


Thank you so much! I'm glad that it could be c:

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