Being Black

Having Obama for president

most people don't get.

But when 60 yeats ago blacks were barely people

this is quite a difference.

Witht he murders, protests and riots

you still don't understand.

They say we're just angry

but really we're just scared.

Cause 60 years ago my people were nonchalantly murdered,

in the streets and in homes,

men, women, and children,

because of their skin tone.

So no calling us the "n word" is not okay

when you don't know how the word brings memories of discrimination and pain.

You must be thinking "whatever she wasn't alive,"

but at I have grandparetns with scars from bottles and knives.

So I told you my side but dont think you understand

so before you open your mouth and say something ignorant

remember what I said.


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My country


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