I look in the mirror and what do I see?

A girl with an identity, oh wait that’s me

She’s unsure of herself, sadly to say

So she uses filters, all night and day

From “Willow” to “Lo-fi”, “Sutro” and “Inkwell”

Behind those filters, there’s a story to tell

Nothing that Instagram could frame well

So who is she, that girl behind the filter screens?


Her name is Ciera; I’ll tell you what she means.


She can be shy, quiet, and passive

She her ambitions and dreams are quite massive

College, Success, a huge dream such a gasp

She hopes to obtain, all in her grasp.

To leave her past and difficulties behind

She wishes to study and heal the human mind.


All of her goals are something like a dream

But you only live once, so carpe diem!

She wants to go far and break the chain

Of not completing an education down the drain

She’s the first to see a college in her future, a sight!

To be the first to go is such a delight!

She’s very smart and intelligent, if you couldn’t tell.

If she accomplishes something, her family praises her well.

Despite her dismay


Did I forget to tell you she’s an anime lover?

Not many people know this, it’s quite a discover

From the series to drawings, and lastly to manga books

It’s her pleasure, such a sight to look.


Last but not least, I forgot to tell

A hobby that describes her very well

She’s an artist, loves to draw you see

It displays who she is, and might as well be

It’s something she loves, so skilled and proud

She may look quiet, but her art speaks loud.


So the next time you’re on Instagram or Twitter

Post the saying “#Nofilter


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