Behind the Wall

There's a border between his school and home life;

a wall.

At school one is always too something,

"too fat" "too skinny"

"too quiet" "too loud"

"too smart" "too dumb"

At school one is always under pressure to change,

"ugly haircut"

"weird style"

"different personality"

At school one is always being judged based on money,

"cheap brand"

"can never go out"

"never eats lunch"

The you take a peek over the wall;

At home one is always being left alone, to the bar...

...time to make a deal...

...hangover needs to be slept off...

At home one is always being yelled at,




At home one is never enough,

...doesn't work enough...

...doesn't help enough...

...makes too many mistakes...


Home life isn't always picture perfect. 

It can be messy, abusive, and scary.

School life should not fit under these adjectives.

School should be,

in a way,

an escape.

 One should not feel attacked at either place,

but everyone has the power to make at least

one place safe. 

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