Behind Such Blue Eyes


Behind such Blue Eyes, Lye courage yet despised, I loath to be hold, Although beauty so bold. To hear my mother say baby its fine, Is too far gone in time. Behind these blue eyes with filters so divine, Is a girl lost in time. Been to 12 schools and dragged through the streets, I’m fed up and trying to get up on my feet. I was just a girl although lost her mind, In the twelve grade and afraid for tomorrow. Who’s going to help a girl gone to 12 schools, If I could just speak then they would all see, It’s my mother that did this to me you see. Left home at 16 and just trying to make my way, Grandma says I’m strong and no filter can enhance that, I want to focus on today and forget yesterday, I’m trying and pushing but these walls are closing in, Mom you win you’ve got me locked in. My psychologist says that I’m very strong willed, It took me, myself, and I to walk out my home doors. Shit I still suffer, Been over a year since I left, It takes time to recover, I don’t need to prove that. Gangs, drugs, violence, always moving nothing new, Emotional, physical, and mental abuse, You ask me who am I without a filter, Shit I didn’t even give details, I deserve this because there’s more to my story and not even the worst yet, With that being said I could even be dead, Although I’m still pushing and pulling for my stepdad, It took me to leave home because I wanted hope within, Now I look with worry since time is closing in, Behind these sparkling blue eyes is a girl in recover, No filter for these scars, Just a girl with blue eyes although is despised.


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