Behind The Scene's

I want you on the outside to not see behind the curtain. For that is where the true magic is happening.


When you pull back the black drapes the illusion that is there is well no longer magical.

Kinda like life, when you get to the core of the apple there really isnt much to the damn thing.


Yet something so simple can create such complex organisms that blow the mind.

That’s just what the director wants us to see.


I’m kinda like the apple you see simple,sweet down to earth as they say it doesn't far fall far from the tree.


But the curtain will remain closed because once you know the true of me by working backstage the magic is no more.


For it’s not a fear of showing the world my inner workings its sharing those workings with those who wouldn't know at what their looking at is what is keeping the magic behind the scene.



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