Behind My Smile

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 16:59 -- lew92

Behind my smile, there is a broken teenage girl.

She tried to do everything right.

However, she really did not try hard enough.

She looks and acts happy on the outside.

She does it half to hide her pain and half because of the anti-depressants she is takes.

Bullying has turned an innocent girl into a victim of her own thoughts.

She has clinical depression.

She has low self-esteem.

She is paranoid whenever she turns a corner in the hallway.

She is affair of school and everything that kids say in it.

This girl is damaged emotionally in all was and it is hard to fix.

This girl use to be happy and smiling because she wanted to.

Now she does it to hide the real pain that lies underneath,

Which are the cuts on her wrists?

Behind my hides more than what most people think

So stop bulling innocent people.

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