Behind the Mask (unedited)

Mon, 02/23/2015 - 07:29 -- HJPena

Who is this girl

Behind the blank face with the glasses

You'd have to catch me in a good day

when I'm a normal girl who has dreams and friends to work with

a girl who manages to likes most of who she is, no problem

bad days I'm nothing more than a burden

that useless annoying piece of trash you can never get rid of

but who wants to hear all that whining

(I certainly don't wanna talk about it)

let's get to it!


I've never been the talkiest of girls

and I guess I've always felt weird with other people

good weird, but weird

like a disconnect, a barrier

which stops us from ever fully connecting


I feel most at home, well, when I'm at church

Sending my prayers to God

my Lord, Jesus Christ

yeah, go ahead, call me a religious freak

Because that's all Catholics amount to these days, right?

Catholics, Protestants, people of any religious faith

Labeled 'freaks and

judgmental snobs'

you don't know me

what I don't and do approve of

There's more to me than my religious faith


Like how I feel most comfortable when I'm on my laptop

writing out the realities in my head

stories of the characters who chose me

to tell their tales

Course, I'm no good at finishing them

but one of these days-!

One of these days...


One of these days I'll belt out a story

with a beginning, middle, and end

filled with dialogue, plot, and compelling characters

a story people will be begging a sequel for

You can count on it!


There are days when everything,

from my parents to my friends,

as much as I love them,

just makes me wanna


grab a pillow

pound it to the ground

punch it into submission

or maybe

grab some paper

rip it apart into teeny tiny shreds

and dump the remains into the trash


Other days it's the biggest high in the world

being with the people I love

out in the real world

the sun giving me just, the biggest embrace

You know, what I'd really love

is to have more days like that


That'd be cool.

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