Behind the mask


United States
27° 52' 59.0448" N, 82° 47' 38.508" W
United States
27° 52' 59.0448" N, 82° 47' 38.508" W

Happines is a just an allusion 

You see the smile and draw the conclusion 

Anger, Depression, Frustration is what she hides 

laughing on the outside 

slowily dying on the inside 

confident , strong is what she seems 

broken , and weak is reality 

ashamed of her face 

they see beuaty all she sees is beast 

she's broken 

blame those who poured vinegar in her wounds while they were open 

hands to her face but yet she still chose him 

she feels no love 

wants somebody , anybody just to love her 

doesn't remember where she lost herself but her soul cries for help 

now immune to pain 

with the mindset nothing to lose , and nothing to gain 

behind close doors is when it all hits the floor 

tears roll down her face 

as she thinks she can't take no more 

pacing back and forth on floor 

finger on the trigger

as she breathes slowly 


then a voice says please don't leave

her little sister says wiping her eyes of sleep 

I need you don't you see 

she put the gun down and began to cry 

she runs to her older sister wiping her eyes telling her it's gone be alright 

please don't cry 

behind the mask she hides 

her upsets 

her regrets 

all the hurt and pain due to those who let her down and left 

this mask served as protection 

a facade for those to see 

to make these looks as they would seem

 you ask me how I know these things 

well because, the girl behind the mask is me 


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