Behind Locked Bars

Wed, 11/26/2014 - 20:20 -- farah97

I am a women behind locked bars.

Trying to escape the path set for me.

The verdict has me in for lie.

I want to scream and shout,

no one hears me.

I'm isolated.

No friends.

No family.

No one knows who I am.

It's scary to show my true colors.

Staying behind these barriers will be best for me,

or so i thought.

No one understands me, 

why I cry at night,

why I'm so stressed.

If I show my true colors, will they still accept me?

Will they still love me?

Or will their society washed minds distance themselves from me. 

I just want to be me.

But if I dare speak,

I risk my home,



So I hide behind the bars that are set for me.

Scared I sit quietly wondering

'how long can I live like this,'

while keeping a permanent smile on my face. 


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