Behind Glass

If you knew the real me,
what would I be to you?
The gum on your shoe?
A random leaf on the Earth's floor?

Or would I be
your favorite song on a summer day 
that you cannot help but to replay?

The real me is unknown to the world.
For I am timid yet sociable. 
Demanding but understanding.

I will hold your hand through your conflicts 
as well as your triumphs. 
But keep a barrier to those who break that trust.

Quiet, my mind and thoughts are my voice.
Pensive about every detail,
 every aspect. 
I live not for today,
but for the future ahead. 

A curtain, I do not believe is there,
but a display case.
Only a few will touch, 
while others are only to able to see.
The real me.


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