Behind every white wall There's a black shadow

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 16:29 -- Souls

Behind every white wall there's a black shadow of guilt and thall sin
I cry in poverty I cry for peace & harmony I lye upon honesty
I have no dignity, no face no heart and no soul
Black is the symbolism of death because it is cold
Black is dark and blank but leaves you with time to think with no grasp and What to hold
It is full of your darkest fear black is your every angry tear
Black is your pain, hurt, suffer and misery
I will not eat i will not sleep
My heart doesn't beat
The mind is a great con and shifter but i beg to differ
I am not alive I am as dead as those dying leaves in fall
I will not awake nor rise I burn hot, like the sun
Surprise I burn even when it's not the crack of dawn
I don't want to be a killer i want to be thall healer
If i have no words 2 speak and what way will i preach
You don't understand so leave me be
Thall what ever is left of me may it rest in peace and be none for an uplifting speech
But what is to come is yet to be
I have power in stored in me
I shall be free and spread thall wings and sore thru the air and flap like the american flag and yell free free free me should be


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