Behind the Curtain


I hide behind the curtain, 

unable to be me.

I have always been here,

the real me can't be seen.

only if only you knew me,

then you could surely tell,

no one knows the real me,

I've been hiding from this hell.

The sickness, death, and judgement

all from which I hide,

The veil of darkness draw nearer,

filled with all the lies. 

And so I hide inside myself,

what you see isn't true. 

If you could only see the real me,

then I would see you too.

Inside we all hide something, 

a burden we all bare,

and if you wouldn't judge me,

it's a load we all could share.

I want to leave this darkness,

to live and see the light,

but Pandora's box and curiosity

has caused this pain and plight for me.

If you knew I had a struggle,

and needed a helping hand,

would you kneel and save me,

or let me be swalled by quicksand?

I'm coming out to the day now,

It's time to be real,

It's time to feel,

My heart will heal and love will try again.



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