Behind this Curtain


Behind this curtain, you will see,

a girl so different from the outward me.

A life worth a million lies,

I put up a happy face to conceal my cries.

In order to hide my self-proclaimed imperfection,

I wear a mask to ward off rejection.

The people around me do not know of my facade.

Mustn't let word get out that I am a total fraud.

I cannot let anyone witness this agony,

so I hold back my feelings no matter the gravity.

So much fear of revealing what's inside my heart

and fear of someone tearing it apart.

Throughout my life, I have been in only dismay.

I constantly bully myself everyday.

Can you see that I'm the biggest critic of my ego

that I keep ricocheting myself with a torpedo?

I must dig a deep dark hole to curl up in

to shield my heart that is so paper-thin.

If only I could accept the true me inside,

then I could reject the desire to run and hide.

Sometimes, I wonder if I should drop the anxiety.

I should just be myself even if it means showing a bit of impropriety.

Fear of rejection, humiliation, and pain,

from this what do I have to gain?

If you are still determined to see this girl's true version,

you must look behind this curtain.

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