Behind the Curtain

Behind the curtain, behind the mask

It all sees daydream

But it is what is tasked

It's never what it seems

The needles, the germs,

The casts, the genes.

Expected me to be my turn


I cannot live

In a white room,

I cannot live

In a place without a tune

A song.


A song of peace, and language

Were I can be a part of the love

I wish to be me


Show the lady, every part of me

Show the love inside

The burning that no one sees

The fire licking at my knees

Threatening the curtain in front of me..


Allowing everyone to see me.




I wish to be an Ambassador for peace. I dream of traveling and demonstrating that wishes do come true. But I am tasked in becoming a doctor, a nurse, or a dentist. Of all the classes that I hate. One day I will become what I need, what I love. One day everyone will know, that I have a need for culture, language and traveling. One day, that need will be satisfied.

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