Behind The Curtain

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 15:05 -- geo1997

Behind the curtain,

Still uncertain,

Of the person,

I am yet to be,

I let no one see,

The real me,

They only see the epitome,

I dont want to be stuck in,

A room full of judgement,

My personality is barely functioning,

It is still evolving,

I'm resolving,

My demeanor,

I'm not good nor bad I'm niether,

I am not perfect,

I have constant hurting,

But somehow a smile still reaches the surface,

But no one knows the feelings lurking,

Inside my mind,

As it wanders from time to time,

My mind is a room full of galaxies,

Thats what makes me,

A unique person,

But still I stay stuck behind the curtain.

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