Behind Closed Doors

The smiles all fade behind closed doors

and then silence is all that waits.

It is then that I fall down to all fours

as sadness is all my mind creates.


But pain is not all I feel when I'm alone,

there's a sense of calmness when no one else is there.

The loneliness is not what I wish to atone,

for no one wishes to drown in despair.


The one thing I wish is to see his face,

to be in his presence until the end.

To feel his love, his kindness, and grace,

for this feeling I feel one cannot comprehend. 


He pulled me from the darkness that I once felt,

and closed his eyes while he wrapped his arms around me.

He took away the damage that I had dealt,

And took away my terrible future only I could forsee.


But if I lost him I'd fear things would go back once more,

back to a dark world of my mind's own wars.

Back to the way that I felt before,

where all the smiles fade behind closed doors.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



This is how I feel about my life as it is now as well as how I feel my life will go if I continue to go after the guy that I want to date.

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