Behind, Beside, In front


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A normal day at school and your friend is just walking,

As the bully behind him, starts talking.

The bully comes close with a mean look,

You're read this feeling, like an old book.

You what to step out and show that you're a man,

but the bully had something else inplan.

Bully starting making fun of the way your friend dressed,

you stood there, while watching this mess.

You didn't know what to do so you join it,

but this friend was like one of your kin.

In spite you didn't think, you join in.

To make a false friend, an invitation to come in.

The Bully had go way to far and you couldn't handle it.

So you stepped infront, even thou you were scared for a little bit.

You told the bully, this is wrong!

To the bully this was like listing to the same song.

The bully pushed you and called you a name,

and in your mind you called him the same.

The bully walked away and thought that he had won,

but to you the hardest part was already done.

A perposition can defind eveybody,

and In the head of battle, will you be Behind, Beside, or In front.




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Always defend the week. Always. Nice write.

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