The Beginning of You & I

Before anything;

Before the world begins,

Before the stars begin to shine,

Before the water in the oceans begins to stir,

You are you and I am I


I must love you with the same warmth that the sun kisses my skin

I must love you with the same tenderness as a mother's embrace

I must love you with the same gentleness as a newborn's sleeping breath

But to succeed in this, 

I must love myself in the same way


I must kiss myself with the same glow of the sun that I have offered to you

I must embrace myself in reflection of how my mother has cherished me

I must learn to take care of my body with the same gentleness I will envelope you in

I must love myself in the same way


Before the horizon begins to expand into infinite beauty,

You are you

You must hold yourself in your arms, cherishing the cracks in between your skin

You must tend to your body gently, for it has been through every twist and scrape

You must learn to laugh at your own lighthearted jokes, with complete transparency

You must love yourself


And after these winds have passed

And these crystal waves have tumbled onto our shores,

We will finally be one.


You are you and I am I

You will always be your own's before you are mine


And this must happen So after the moon has eclipsed into its own shadow And after the ocean has silenced its roar  Our souls will meet again and we will be one Because even the stars in the sky And the ones in our eyes Will know  That we are the most natural thing there is to be Because before you loved me, You were you and I was I






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