Beep Beep


South Africa

Beep Beep
My heart beat,
A rhythm that was so fast that I could move my feet to it.
Pain past through me like a current of electricity.
As the volcano erupted inside of me.
Bended over my stomach muscles contracted as I try to survive it.
Hand clench into a fist as I await the second wave to hit.
I stand there trying to understand what this attack was.
I feel the nausea moving up and awaiting exit.
Running, my stomach contracts again and again as I vomit,
Hoping for the end.
It goes on for days,vomiting,pain.
I pray and pray but the pain remains.
I give in to it and my strength subsides but my heart just keeps on giving a try.
My heart was beating over the limit and I thought I would die,
I knew that my Father would take me with Him to the sky and we'd fly.
Laying there I waited to cry,
Listening to my breathing and the voices.
I fEel the cold hard steel under me and shivers run down my spine.
Sharp steel pierce my skin,as they try to pump energy inside of me.
Forcing my body not to give in just yet and to keep on working.
Closing my eyes, not knowing if for the last time.
I inhale and slip away into void.

Beep Beep
I waited for my heart to go to sleep.
Awaiting to return to the dust and ash that My Father Created us from.
I had no reason to be mad at Him cause He has given me life and blessed me everyday,throught the good and bad, He has been my Pillar.
I layed there, picturing how life is,like a candle burning every single day until the flame finally goes out.

Beep Beep
The darkness is here to stay.
I hear mom's voice,assurance that itl be okay.
But still I'm unable to reach out to be pulled out of the dark.
I slip again and again.

Beep beep
I hear my heart beat.
Waking to numbness no pain,
Eyes heavy,
Heart beats steady.
To see another Day.
I now realize that if you confide in God,He'll light ur life with an enternal flame.
There will be no pain.

Beep Beep
I need no more sleep.
I've been blessed with another day.
And I know now that my life will be forever changed!


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