Bedroom Walls

The friction from your words slowly vibrate and dance across my sky blue walls. 
If anger had a strength it would be powerful enough to make all editions of these Chicken Soup for the Soul books on this shelf fall
Such furious passion in your words when they slip from your tongue.
Unfortunately this has been normalcy ever since I was young.
I'm pretty sure I could pronounce and spell every curse word before I was 7.
Yet I stay hopeful that the rage you paint on the walls in our home hasn't slighted your chance of making it to heaven. 
But How could you speak to us this way and not clearly see the disrespect. 
Confuse daddy's little girl for 22 years and pour into her nothing but neglect
Your distance diminishes as your volume grows stronger. 
"B*tch this is my house and I don't want you here any longer!!!"
Every night your words penetrate someone new. The aura created matches my bedroom walls dark and blue. 
Trying my best to ignore it waiting for you to retreat to the fridge and grab a brew. 
Who knew that one unwashed dish could cause so much such grief. 
Constantly told to Be respectful of my parents so I silence myself behind a closed door and simply grit my teeth
A girls dream is to have a man whose just like her father. 
But i swear if he tells me he's anything like you I wouldn't dare bother. 
I've never felt such disrespect like the feeling I feel within my own home. I'm no longer a baby and I know I'm not grown. But I know my worth and I know this is wrong. 
Every day every night the playing of this same sad song. 
Your devilish words dance around our home and stab us in the heart. 
The dried up tears the next morning left to create art. 
Hate filled Thoughts strike in your daughter's ears allowing her to write this story. 
I just pray that tomorrow will be the night my daddy, the King, will reveal and reign with respect and glory. 
With all the shameful words my bedroom walls have heard you say the stroke from your tongue has ruined my favorite color and painted them grey..


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