Bed time

Horizontal on a mass of down
Freeing tension from up to down
Fluttering shutters let in no light
Breathing slows
What a massive delight
Fantasies ensue
Within the rantings of a desperate mind
I'm inclined
To roar through noses closed
Forcing lovers to roll over
And loathing it
Like swarms of lotus'
Clocking out
From a day well spent
Light becomes dark
Limbs relax
Slightly bent
One side to another
Until perfect peace is found
Prayers resonate inside
My mind on a cloud
Elaborately sewn thread
Weaved in precise deliberateness
To enscone the epidermis
I've earned this
Fuzzy incandescence
To bring me to my knees
In vast amounts of luxuries
Expressed in pressed sheets
Against my chest
In the best of my I'll repressed deeds
One two three
Fuzzy Friends with wooly coats leap
Fences cleared in single bounds
Four five six seven
Thoughts of ethereal wisdom
Lead me one step closer to heaven

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