Becoming who I am

There's this pain in the nights of loneliness. Searching for fame in all the wrong ways. Pain Pain Pain. Everyday is suffocates. No family. No friends. Who am I anymore. What have I become. Where is that happy person. When did he leave. That's right he was left in the dark when misery came knocking. Who am I becoming. I don't' know who this monster is. But wait today is a day where I realize who I am becoming. I am strong. I am one. I am who I have always been. Darkness was just a moment. I character I made like a child. I am flawless. The struggle to become who I am was worth it all. I am full of power to fight the world and achieve what I want. There is no pain when you are one with yourself. I am strong I am me I am who I should be. There's no one like me. When I fall asleep I thank myself for carrying me through another day. Bringing me one day closer to the dreams I seek. But, Hey I'm me. I'm here. I'm queer and I love every damn minute of this flawless life. Pain and all.

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