Becoming A Man


The Carpinteria street gang took my child hood

Walking around town where locals knew I was up to no good

Hurting people because I claimed a street thats was going to be there when i die

Rival neighborhood have a price on my head, I still went out put my life on the line

Tell me when I die who is going to know what I stood for?

If I go to jail not one of my "homies" going to take me out from there

I will further my education and strive for the better

Be the proud father to my future sons & my daughters

Not get entangled in becoming a statistic like others

Fulfill the promise to buy a house for my mother

Be the engineer that I dream of becoming

Open up my world to assure me it's not just about the town that has taken my childhood for me

I will succeed and you will all be my witness

I will be the little boy out Cramer Rd who takes on the big fish

I will bite more of what i can chew and not choke

I will make these people underestmating me, that this is not a joke

I don't want to be like others in the street selling drugs

I don't want to be known as the the little troublemaking thug

I want to win and score with my wife live the American Dream

You all saw me starve now your going to watch me eat

Sit down and watch me succeed





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