Becoming human

Lead us not into temptation but also lead us not into hatred for another man
But destroy a city of certain people that are different that's when shit hits the fan
A song called a man who can but he can not because it is up to us to be the man that can
Listen to these words I don't like religion but what I'm saying shouldn't be banned
Look around, the world is at war with itself no one can find common ground
A separation of people of gender of sex of color of religion of social standing of income of neighborhood is all that can be found

We shouldn't have to look to a book to tell us how to live and what's right
Its within us, we see the news on tv on Facebook on Twitter about another black kid shot another white cop walks away when he shouldn't have used force and had no reason to or maybe it was a grown man that turned and walked away but because he was thought to have a gun in his pocket he was shot in the back and not the legs so he could survive a man from an Islamic or Muslim country blows himself and 25 others to bits in a market place a government official steals money and lies to the general public and like me and some like minds these are the things we think of how to fix at night

Love lost love found people still aren't trustworthy that's why drake has trust issues
A person perfect for another person gets overlooked cause they aren't just simply cute means Kleenex sells tissues
Before all the fuck yous hellos goodbyes kiss my ass suck my dick you're a prick I hate you I love you I miss yous
We should ask, what could bring us together as 1
Its complex but easy. Respect everyone. There is a natural love injected into us the moment we're conceived that is so pure and innocent and true
Even the darkest of souls have it buried in them like a lost treasure from long ago. If we spent as much time respecting differences as we do opposing them we could all be as different as each fingerprint on every hand through every century from the moment of human existence and eventually be blind to the differences and just see each Person as just that. A person.
Discrimination is not the answer. The answer is love, respect, and acknowledgement of each other for being who we are. So the next time you meet someone that's not your color, not your religion , not your sex and or sexual preferences , not your "type". Respect them for who they are, what they do (dot dot dot) unless it's murder or such crimes similar in scale. See them as another human that bleeds red just like you.
And maybe. Just maybe. We could all be labeled human. And nothing more

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My community
My country
Our world
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