“Wow, you never ask for help

You’re mature beyond your years”

under all that calmness

My body’s full of tears


But in my mind is turmoil 

I feel the pressure to be

Perfect and an adult

I can never not succeed


The pressures continue to build 

No one knows the danger

I’m struggling to survive

Repressed is all my anger


Unhealthy habits are obtained 

I’m looking like my dad

Waking up hungover

God, I’m feeling really sad


Grades are dropping quickly

Habits out of hand

I’m wishing I were dead

Can’t keep up with life’s demands


Maybe I should tell someone 

Do they really care?

This is my responsibility 

Adulthood has a fare 


But then I had a breakthrough

In the white halls of the ward

The nurse sat me down and told me

Silence does not reward


It okay to ask for help

It doesn’t mean you’re weak

It is warriors who are outspoken

I do not need to be meek


Speak about your feelings

Don’t hide behind a smile

Just because your grown doesn’t

Mean there is pain in every mile


Adulthood is not a test

To see how much one can take

A person does not win

By working till they break


Now my mind is clear

Meds don’t mean I’m sick

Im realizing now

I can be one kickass chick 


Finally I give in

My journey I shouldn’t shame

And through this I know

An adult I became


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