To become perfect.


For as long as I could remember, I wasn't perfect.

for as logn as I could remember, I was perfect. 

I wasn't smart like the other kids,

I was smarter than the other kids.

I never had big dreams or big goals, 

I had bigger dreams and even bigger goals. 

No one told me I had to be perfect, ever,

everyone told me I had to be perfect, forever and ever.

I didn't have to do anything to be happy, 

I had to do everything to be happy. 

Perfection didn't mean happiness, 

perfection meant happiness. 

You don't need money to live, 

but you need money for bills, food, live. 

Be yourself, 

just don't watch this, wear this, do this, or like this. 

Dance in public, be spontaneous,

don't dance in public, that's weird.


Sure I like you, we'd make a great couple,

but there are just exponentially better guys. 

You're an amazing author, 

your grammar sucks. 

You're an amazing artist, 

except you can't draw. 

Oh? You can't do that equation you'll never use?

Sorry, no college wants a dumbass. 

You can be happy, 

just not that happy. 

Don't be materialistic, 

but if you don't have these things, you're weird.


Don't be so hard on yourself, 

but you need straight A's, clubs, volunteer, Ap classes,  

as well as cure cancer, become president, solve our national debt deficit. 

Or no college will want you. 

Fucking dumbass. 


It's not high pressure at all, 

tons of other kids did it. 

Be an individual, not like other kids. 

Be yourself, 

but be number one. 

Everyone is different, 

but here's the formula for being acceptable. 


Oh you're sleep deprived from stress? 

Oh please, you're a teen, you teens have it easy. 

You just have to decide your life, 

based on absolutely no certainty of the future.

You just have to pick a college major you can tolerate,

and pray it will be wanted in this ever changing economy. 


People will love you for who you are,

Just don't be yourself. 

Be happy, 

Wipe that smile off  your face. 

Pretend you're not a failure, 

you got that? You fucking failure. 

The world is yours, 

and 7 other billion. 

Who are everything you aren't,

and everything you should be. 

But hey, you're a teenager, 

So go have fun and be yourself. 







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