Tue, 10/10/2017 - 00:40 -- Shafa


United States

Love is a rush of emotions

like the current of oceans

it is the color pink and red

where one’s feelings are said


Love lets one fly

in the sky up high

where freedom is everywhere

and there is no despair


Love is an attraction

where every action has a reaction

it is showing respect

where people can be correct


Love is the shape of a heart

like the taste of a sour tart

it is a gift

where two people untwist


Love is a fire

with many a desire

it is honesty

which is a great quality


Love is feeling

with a true meaning

it is a sweet song

where each person becomes brawn


It is because I love you

you can grow

like a beautiful flower

up to the highest tower


It is because I love you

you are free

like the coral sea

where you have your own control-key


It is because I love you

you can fly

like a bird waving hi

in the dark blue sky

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