I have a soft spot for us.

A yearning and a passion

for what we can do together.

A delightful build up for something greater.

Not a tare down of our hatred for one another,

But a competition of love and bringing

happiness to one another.

A unique feel of our own confidence flying through.

When we give each other the encouragement 

The emotion,

The devotion, 

Of our lives together to bettering one another.

It's not a Romeo and Juliet kinda of story

But our own love and caring put into motion.

Through the words of babe, love, darling, dear;

We become one, but separate and stronger through the years.

With respect for our general strengths and weaknesses.

We continue forth with great recognition.

No focus on lust, worshiping or idolizations.

But our involvement with each other found in,



And our focus on our base of friendship.

Giving hand in hand

Not taking without asking permission

Asking questions

Building confidence

In this bond we have created.

Is unlike any demolition 

It is a place to call home.

It is a place to be heard

It is a place to say

Why do we do the things we do

Hashtag because I love you.

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