Because the story all starts with a glance,

Where time stands stead fast

As the seconds freeze in a breathless trance,

Which starts the chase of love’s past.


Because his fingertips were gentle and kind,

Yet the days seemed numbered due to anxiousness.

When the looks are so intense in your mind,

But to him it is a way of control of you senselessness.


Because he whispers all the right secrets,

And acts out the perfect role,

You start to wonder how he fakes it

But unwilling to rush the horrible, unfolding scrolls.


Then one day he says it aloud,

“Because I love you”

As if that is any excuse to betray so profound

The sacred trust your body thought you shared with this boy.


Your bruises are deeper,

His temper is shorter.

One day he leaves as your keeper

And never returns to loiter.


Now you can breathe, beautiful.


He is gone and you are free.

This serves as a lesson,

That has to be shared.

To all women alike in this session,

That love has rules and boundaries to not be impaired.


You must love her, respect her,

Talk to her soul and heart.

You must share her and cherish her,

And understand it is she who is smart.


It is she who found her self-worth,

That you are lucky to love.

Compassion and compromise,

The two C’s that fit like a glove.


Because I love you is never an option,

Unless you are explaining why

You made her heart swell with love,

And be prepared to see her happy cry.


The men in her life have done her dirty,

Torn and ripped her fragile sheath away.

Now is it for you to love her past thirty,

And to hold her every night as she lay.


For relationships will only thrive,

If the other wants to see their lover

Always happy, respected and alive.

Someone who they can warm and cover

That when asked why they do what they do,

One’s reply is so simple as,

“Because I love you.”

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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