Love to me is less like reality and closer to a dream,

Love is the driving force behind everything

Love is to humans as water is to nature,

Necessary in abundance,

Love is of nothing negative and of nothing bad.

Because I love you I will communicate why I do,

Because I love you I will trust in you,

I will support you because I love you,

Call on me to be anything you need,

Love is selflessness not greed,

Help me because you love me,

Speak kindly to me and send me unconditional love.

Love is not hate, love is not get-back,

Love is not unhealthy.

“Because I love you” should be an action fulfilled after a moment of love

“because I love you” I will take care of you like an angel above,

Because I love you I will speak positively in your life,

Because I love you I’m willing to pay the price,

Because you love me you will require nothing but love back,

Love is healthy,

Because I love you should be spoken with love,

And why? Because I love you!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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