I only want the best for you

For you to be at ease

Call me in the midnight hour

Or when you just need

Someone to talk to,

To love or to hold

Clutch one end of the phone

I'll clutch mine

Because I love you

I'll give you time

Time to heal

Time to take care of yourself

Time to float back down to earth

I yearn to take away your hurt,

Your pain.

I take my thumb and wipe the tears from your face

I want you to be happy

I want you to smile

I want you thrive

I want us to last for a while.

And because I love you

I wrote you a poem

Hoping that this is as good as 

a love song.

You are my one

You are my only .

Because I love you

I won't let you slip

I won't give up on you

I won't let you quit.

Because I love you

I'd give you my life

I'd do anything to take away your strife.

Because I love you, and since love comes with trust

I wouln't do anything that would cause you fuss.

As a bonus I'll play in your hair, hold you tight

You're my fresh breath of air.

Because I love you 

I won't tear you down.

Abuse is abuse no matter how 'fair' it may seem

I hold the sem, that may seem like a dream

until you wake up not held together by me, by, love, or by trust

But my darling I promise I love you too much. 

Because I love you, I want you to do the right thing

Make good descions and keep your heart clean

Pure from toxins and things of that nature

You are my pen and I am the paper.

Because I love you, I will be brave

Hoping you, my angel, will do the same.


- S




This poem is about: 
My family


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