Because You Didn't Love Me

Maybe one day,

I'll hear the word love and think of someone else.

Maybe I'll forget about the lies that so gracefully brushed off your lips

when you said those words that were so innoccent to me.

But to you, 

they would always be just words.

Maybe one day, 

I won't think of you anymore when I'm all alone

and the thickness of the night starts to consume me.

But when those bruises that you left in rememberance,

and the scars from each breath that you took to exert hate,

finally faded away with each time I looked in the mirror and began to see the beautiful that everyone told me about, but you.

And when my heart and my head finally stopped tugging

and laid down the rope of whether or not I should give you a call.

when the words that you drilled into my head until it became the truth

broke down and exited my body like a bad sickness,

when the what ifs and the regret finally went mute,

I felt love for the first time.

And although you tried your hardest,

I stand unbroken.

I am glad I met you,

because if you would have loved me,

I would have never learned to love myself.



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