Because of you

The day I met you I was confused,

The message you sent me that made my mind and heart flutter, I still remember,

I was fixated on your looks at first but then it became your heart,

I sent one back and that simple message made years of confusion , emotional,

physical , and mental exhaustion.


In reality i did nothing wrong but in my head I did everything wrong ,

what did I do to make you feel like I was nothing but a pawn in ur game,

The day you broke me was the worst day of my exsistence ,


Because of you i never want anyone again,

Because of you i never want to feel again,

Because of you my heart is shatterd glass,

Because of you i'm more insecure than before,

Because of you I want to hide,


If I ever had to teach anyone how to prevent such agony,

I will give them only a few words of advice,



Communication and honesty is key.


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