Because We Are Not Diamonds



Do not speak of the hard sparkle and crystal

Transparency of carbon crushed and burned;

It means nothing to me.

For in the face of terrible pressure and blistering heat,

Diamonds become hard of heart,

And nothing can scratch them.


I am a lover of smiles and mended hearts

Because I am not a diamond

Shining immaculate on someone’s right hand.

I am daring and caring, warm-blooded and passionate.

Like you, I am vulnerable.

I too, curse, and I too cry, and I too get angry.

I too, have a heart, soft and beating,

Which leaps and flutters under the river of time.


I am me, pure and imperfect and powerful.

And one day, I will tear walls down

until i am something

that sentences and antecedents cannot express

sheer joy!

because i blow open like so in the wind...

or am i flying?

i am unfiltered, the


my name is freedom,

musician-poet, martial artist, mathematician

laughing, crying, yelling, young and defiant!


I desire

To burn bright and fast like a lump of coal,

The wild type of flawless

Where one day on fire

Trumps a thousand of years of solitude

Trapped in a coffin of perfection.

Short and rich is the unfiltered life of coal,

Long and dreary are the days of perfect stone.


Because we are real.

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Our world
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