Because They Love You


United States

Because he loved you, his love showed

On your first date, he gave you a rose

Never once did he try to take your pearl

Never one did he steal looks at another girl

You said you needed time for you to grow

And because he loved you, he let you go


Because she loved you, she gave you comfort

When life beat you down

She showed you that there was nothing to run from

When you were a child, she sang you songs

When you were growing up, she taught you how to right your wrongs

Even in your darkest hour, when you didn't think you could get through

Because she loved you, she was patient with you


Because he loved you, he protected you

When you were in danger, he knew exactly what to do

You were the knight

He was the shield

When an arrow came flying at you with all it's might

Because he loved you, he dove in front of you to make sure you'd be alright


Because they love you, they will always be near

When you called your mother, sobbing, in tears

She gave you just the words you needed to hear

When you fell down the stairs and broke your arm

Your father raced over in alarm

When you felt ugly, insignificant and small

Your best friend told you your beauty could never be replaced, not at all

Because they love you, they always held you up

And they will always be the crutch you need to stand up





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