Because Of Love

Because of Love


Because I love you, instead of having dreams of my name in lights in Carnegie Hall, I want my name written next to yours in your old rustic diary with glitter and henna designs.


Because I loved you, the sweet fragrances from designer perfume bottles you wear only leave you remembering the trauma behind a whiff of Valentino.


Because I loved you, the items in your drawer you once put down and never picked up again. You look through these items after decades and found yourself missing the memories, and not me.


Because I loved you, I am now the warm brown eyes that circle an eclipse. You found yourself lost within a pool of honey, and knew it was the only place that you ever wanted to call your home.


Because you love me, the abandoned black and white keys in the attic that I once played a Gershwin piece on still sound like a million colors in your mind.


Because you love me, sleepless nights and dancing in the kitchen at 2am with me are what you think about when you need to think “happy thoughts.”


Because even though at some point in our lives we loved each other, we now understand to put ourselves before others which is love at its highest point.


Tahiya Binte Mahbub


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