Because of Love


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My head shakes. He says his heart breaks.
Because he loves me.
He insists. I resist.
Because he loves me.
I give in. He smiles at my skin.
Because he loves me.

My hands shake. His heart breaks.
Because he loved me.
He insists. I resist.
Because I love her.
I keep her. We become a were.
Because I love her.

My body shakes. My sweat breaks.
Because I love her.
She cries. Her mother pasifies.
Because she loves me.
I hold my future tight. My future has changed tonight.
Because I love her.


Careah Bell

One of my best friends is the result of an unwanted pregnancy. He mother was induced into labor on the table of an abortion clinic when her mother decided she could not go through with the abortion. Her mother covered her with a blanket for three days until she gave her to an orphanage in Arkansas. My best friend is so thankful her mother gave her a chance. She was adopted into a wonderful family and has had a wonderful life.


The repetition and variation of "because he loves me" subtly, yet effectively, shows both real and perceived notions of love, and the changing subject (me, he, her) successfully transfers that love in a simple, minimalistic, and powerful way. Great writing.

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