Because I Loved You

They say they love you,

But do they?

They say they care,

But they really don’t.

They say they will do better and try harder,

But it gets worse every time.

They tell you that you are their Lover

Their true love

Their sunshine

Their person

Their favorite

Their one and only

But you are not.

Because once upon a time you were something

and now you are nothing

Because I once loved you

Because once in my life I felt that you cared

Because one day I woke up and realized you were not there

You were not the person I once loved

You hurt


There once was a beautiful story

A story that was played over and over

A story told by everyone

A story so precious that once it was gone

It was gone

Because you once loved me

And I loved you

And because I loved you

I knew

I knew that to love, love should not hurt

I found a new kind of love

A searching love

High and low

Because I loved you once so long ago,

 I knew then and there

That this was my end

Because My Love,

I loved you so

And to you, I thank you for that

I thank you for showing me how not to love

And what I truly need in one’s love

For them to love me with all their heart

Love is a promise

Love is a feeling

Love is to be kind





Not painful

Love is to adore someone

And be adored back

Love is a two-way street

Not a narrow alley

Love is a friendship

It is a bond that is not to be broken

But is often missed treated

And shattered

Many abuse the word to love

love means to love every bit

And not just a piece

To be loved is to be cared for

In sickness and in health

Better or worse

Rich or poor


This is love

And because I love you

I love all of you not just a bit of you

All of me loves all of you

Because I love you





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