Because I Loved You

I know it started in the summer

I thought you were a boy who couldn’t be dumber

You asked for a movie and you provided

And I sat still, waiting for you to come

And you did


We went through the best of times, we went through the worst of times

We bonded over how boring a Dickens could be

Our love was proven to belong to only one another

And that we could no longer have our own winter


The lavender flower blossomed, different from any other

Its petals a model no one could smother

Though after a while, that flower grew sick

So you looked for another flower to pick


Because I loved you, I never checked your phone

Maybe that was a mistake

To have loved you or to spy on you I’m not sure

But it was enough to make my heart ache

For our flower, to you, she must have been the cure


The seasons began to change

There could be no way back

We could never look at it the same

And our flower would never again hold that color of lilac

Now its stem had turned to something less tame


Summer didn’t feel the same as it used to

Perhaps it was because of what I was waiting for

The thorn that was coming for me with its alluring prick

Maybe I just needed someone to hold the door

I didn’t expect the thorn to make me so sick


A friend did hold the door once

In his eyes, the opening was lovely and ornate

To me it was naught more than a prison of mystery

And he was to be my rubbish cellmate

If there was no flower, then what would there be?


I sat still waiting for it to come

And it came for me


After a while, my friends stopped holding the door

Even after the bruises on my cheek

It was a prison of my own demise

I only wish that his door didn’t creak

Now I knew for certain that the summer had gone by


Because I love you, I believed you would change

Little did I know, there was something for exchange

After a while, I wondered which first would break

My mind, or my body of which you take


Advantage that you once had seemed to wear

I just wish I had the strength to bear

All my friends flowers seemed fine

But how could they ever compare to mine?


Because I love you, I too tried to change

In the wintertime, which seemed a lot of time

Avoiding you was a method I loved to employ

Though I couldn’t hide with my friends against your relentless assault

Your loving, terrifying embrace


Because I loved you, I imagined a world

A land where you would be happier with someone else

But you always told me that “I was the one, don’t fray”

So I was the one

Who chose to stay


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