Because I Love You(Since You've Been Gone)

Since you've been gone I have changed

You say you moved on and that we're estranged

But deep down I know somewhere

Deep down I know you care

Even though you say you don't

I became better you thought I won't

Turned your back to me stoic as steel

Well if my words can't change you my actions will

Passionate and melting hot yet you won't love me still

All my new friends I made see how much I achieve

And how your love is all I wish to recieve 

Because this is what love means to me 

Taking a stand for all and those who are weak

Following in the path of good you wished for me to seek

I grew into a man from a kid 

Helping people is my capital call it Madrid

And most importantly if you don't see

My change I channel to you from me

That's okay 

Because I'll love you enough to let you go


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