Because I Love You, Treat Me Right


Because I love you, because I do,

Please tell me what love means to you.

Make me feel beautiful, make me feel wise,

But don’t do it just to be kind.


Because I love you, because it’s true

Stop looking at her, she’s not yours to view.

Make me stop worrying, make me confident,

But please don’t do the opposite.


Because I love you, because you’re mine

Please don’t tell me that I’ve run out of time.

Make me be positive, make it okay,

But why do you make me feel this way?


All your trouble and all your pain

Grind into mine and I’m going insane.

Treat me like a person, not somebody’s dog,

Or I’ll just walk away at a really fast jog.


Because I love you, Treat me right.

Don’t walk in circles or put up a fight.

Does this love mean anything to you,

Or is this relationship just soaking through?



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