"Because I love you" Scholarship Poem

Standing in a foyer of indecision

Dressed to mask the insecurity

Eyes keen to targeting with precision

Of one who appreciates acceptance and unique prosperity

"I like you because" they speak

Staring at their toes and smiling hesitantly

Breath caught, internally I shriek

The purity gleams in their eyes instantly

Acknowledgement from another

Unsure of what others will say

Comfort from a brother

Allowing self doubt to wither away

Arms slithered around a friend

One living with a supposed "love"

Crying of broken promises to no end

Shards given from a dove

A heart taking time to amend

Hands stretched in desperation

Ears open to that subtle noise

A fewer mouth of exasperation

With a careful understanding voice

Presence not lacking

Of a reciprocating heart with good doing

Preventing another locket from cracking

And a "Because I love you" continually growing



Scholarship Poem

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