Because I love you (scholarship entry)

He said

if you leave me

I will hang my head

through the rope made of my tears

formed from your decision to 


yourself from my love


He said

to prove you love me 

you have to love on me


if you love me

you will never leave my side

you will never talk with a guy

you will never be out of my sight

unless it's saturday-boy's night ;)


He said 

he loved me

and I believed him


Especially following the incident

where his sharp fist collided

with my tear soaked skin

and he proclaimed his apologies

that he would not do it again

...and agian...and again


and I stayed

and I kept him

because in a strange way

that was love then


But now I have you.


When you say you love me

I don't feel strange

when you say you're sorry 

I know you will change

when you ask if I'm okay

I see the care in your face


Because I am your friend

and you listen through my thousands of thoughtless anxiety vomits

Because I understand

and you know that I can't talk about those touchy topics

Because I hold your hand

and you don't hold mine when I'm hiding beneath my blankets, from his touches and the sounds of his comments


That is why,

I know what love is


    I love you


And because I love you I will tell you

I love you

but not too soon


Because I love you, I will trust you

to go out with other people

whenever you want to


I will tell you how I feel

without fear

I will hug you until your tears

are done-for real


Because I love you, I will accept

your freedom

to say no to me any day

any week


I will lay my hands on you 

to sway along

to the voice of a violin

under the moon, 

or the rain,

after a good day


I found love in you-

and I know

this doesn't have to last forever

but because I love you

I will be here

unitl we part ways-whenever.


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