Because I Love You ( To Love Yourself)

To love yourself
is to love
the scars
on your hips,
and the
scabby patches
on your knees,
to love
the bumps,
of all your
rounded edges.

To love yourself
is to love
your most
Wildest dream.
to love the way
passion plays you,
engulfs you,
in its untamed waves.

To love yourself
is to love
the Cracking,
of your soul,
that none
can accept
and none
can controll.

To love yourself
is to respect
the morals
and truth
you hold
like jewels,
And never
sacrificing them
to the taunts
of those whose
has fallen apart.

To love yourself
is to forgive,
to understand,
to know
that mistakes
do not define you
that being human
will not make love
defy you.

To love yourself
is unconditional
not a checklist
of requirements
or a unsure “if”
But a steady
stream of kindness
and tenderness,

Never ending.

And, one should always recall
To love yourself is to love all.

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