Because I Love You, I Will Respect All Forms Of You

Wed, 09/27/2017 - 21:03 -- miac

Because I love you, I will respect all forms of youI could never disrespect someone who loves me tooUnderstanding you is what I’m determined to doIt will take some time, but I have all the time for youPatience is what I call that, and that’s what I have learned from youIt gets tough at times, but we always get throughBecause I love you, I take the time to hear you outSkip the arguments, we can find a way to work it outReal love needs communication to succeedNot screaming or yelling from you to meBecause I love you, I will stand by your sideWe fight the same battles, I’ll be your ride or dieI have all the respect in the world for you because you’ve brought out the real meI wouldn’t be here today if you didn’t believe in meThe good, the bad, I’ve seen it all from youBecause I love you, I’ve learned to respect all forms of you

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My family
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