Because I Love You, But I Also Love Me

You’re sorry because you love me.

You’re sorry because you’re scared of being alone.

You’re sorry for overreacting.

“I just don’t want to lose you” you say.


And because I love you I forgive you.


Because I love you I no longer fight when you ask to see my phone.

I send you pictures of my outfits for your approval.

I clear my schedule.

I throw away the friendships I’ve worked so hard to build

only sit at home watching Netflix with you.


But because I love me I am leaving you.


Because I love me I demand a relationship built on trust and respect.

I will express myself how I want because no one,

not even you,

can box me in.


Because I love me I know that the one for me will give me their heart and soul

and swoon at the thought of me giving them mine.


Because I love me I know how to better love another soul.

I know to never raise a hand

never turn a blind eye

never question loyalty.


I know to support their ambitions and take part in their passions.

I know how to hold them in my arms when their mind is attacking them and tearing them down.


I️ know how vital it is to tell someone how worthy they are.

How paramount they are to my being.

How unparalleled their ability is to remind me that home isn’t always four walls and a roof


sometimes it’s two arms and i heart beat.


Because I love you,

But I also love me


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