Because I love you (and you love me)

Braiding your hair when your arms are tired

From carrying my worries all day

My fingers twist in your chocolate locks

While you nod off- content and safe


Staying up till 2 a.m.

Underneath the fairy lights in my room

Talking about the future or nothing at all

In our own private cocoon


Calling you out on your childish temper

You calling me out on mine


Laying with your head on my shoulder

Is a feeling most divine.


I ask why you stay with me

No matter how distant I get.

“Because I love you,” you say

Without a trace of regret.


“Because I love you,” you say

Your hands clasping mine

When I have a meltdown

Or just need to whine.


“Because I love you,” I say

While I buy your favorite ice cream

Even though I think it’s a disgusting

And ungodly shade of green.


“Because I love you,” you say

For the sixth time today

Because I need reassurance-

I need to know that you’ll stay.


“Because I love you,” I say

And you shush me with a kiss on the cheek

Because we are watching your favorite movie

For the fifth time this week.


You hold my hand in public

Without an ounce of shame.

You're unapologetic-

You make me want to be brave.


By Elizabeth (for Mansi)

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