"Because I Love You"


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Time and time again I fall, I fall in the same trap that I once got out of

but then again, did I really have the strength to get out?

It's been times where; love itself has put a restraint on me .

Holding me and suffocating a piece of sanity I once had , yet, my craziness wasn't enough

to let em’ know that I was insane and out of my mind to be in sync with him.

Coming across as the love of my life to damn why did he have to be the one to mentally challenge me

and play with my heart?

Friends says I’m dumb for staying but I’ll feel dumb if I leave because

I’m trying to figure out what’s my intuition telling me….

My heart and my mind goes tick for tack and back and forth, fighting and arguing,

I urge for silence but silence was running from me.

My mind tells me to pack my things and go

but that heart,

that warm heart is making me reminisce on the good times.

Being that the good times overweight the bad,

it’s still hard to believe that you’ll change and love me like I know you could and should.

It’s crazy because I always seem to love too soon and (they) always love too late;

at this point it’s a slap in my face .

Once I’m gone it’s harder for me to come back and by that time your apologies don’t really match,

you don’t see what you have until it’s gone and then you'll be trapped.

But because I love you, I stay and try to work it out before it gets that far

but it’s only so much I can take between your lies and my made up world in Far Far Away Land.


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