Because I Love You...

Mon, 10/23/2017 - 19:45 -- i.b.n

Because I love you, I let you take all the covers during the Winter.

Because I love you, I am mesmerized by the way you play with your hair when you are working hard.

I am concentrated on how you feel and what emotions show up on your face when you are near or even thousands of miles away.

I start to laugh when you laugh because the sound you make is better than any song I’ve ever heard.

Because I love you, I wake up in the morning to make you breakfast even if it’s a Monday morning at 5 AM.

Because I love you, I will lend you my shoulder for you to lean on whenever you need to.

I am able to spill everything from my mind into the midst of your mind.

I am able to trust you with my deepest, darkest regrets and my wholesome truths.

I know that when you show me these things, I know that I am loved. That one truly cares for me and will go to all extents.

You are all that I love. You are the water to my flower. The rain to my cloud.

As love shows one that you care for them. That you would do anything for them. Even climb to the tallest mountain in the world.

That you would take off your coat and set it on the road for them to walk on. Because I love you should mean that you will be willing

to do anything for a person because they set a fire in your heart and not because since you love them, they should do anything

you want them to do.

Because I love you, I know that you would never take me for granted and respect me for who I am and all the luggage I bring along.


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